Pictures, feelings and fictions from my summer trip in Japan.

mardi 22 novembre 2011

People in streets - part 1

Mamoru  was wandering if she would have lunch with him tomorrow. Maybe he would ask her, finally. Maybe he would dare.

 Day after day he had  looked at her, noticing her tastes about makis, onigiris and weeds salad.
 He used to prepare some in his own bento box now.  Every day since she had smiled to him in the elevator. 

 He sighed and waited for the train to pass.

Yellow head and yellow foot, black trousers and confidence, they look ahead, certain of being young and smart, nice and tasty. 

Proud yellow boys of Shibuya.

Orange girls in golden stairs.

Staring at people like cats staring at mice. Cold, calculating, judging little girls with apricot cheekbones. Black eyed and long legged, what will they be in a few years? Elegant students and charming fiancées?  Powerful women and accomplished mothers? 

Will they remember that once, they were crowned Shibuyettes at the 109?

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