Pictures, feelings and fictions from my summer trip in Japan.

dimanche 18 décembre 2011

Parks and gardens in Tokyo


YOYOGI (代々木)

I use to sit here on the wet summer days and let the drizzle caress my skin. Never on sunny days: too many people, too many glances. On rainy grey days, the park is deserted. Sensations are more intimate then. Solitary.

I sit, don’t  know if it’s allowed. Maybe it’s an artistic and poetic work we shouldn’t touch?

I sit and turn my face toward the sky. I think of some of my dearest friends. 

I sit, and let the rain run on my cheeks, flow in my neck and slip under my shirt.
It’s like regaining my body, after the sun and warmth have damaged it.

Sounds of Yoyogi...

Tiny Garden and Parking in Nakano ((中野)

samedi 3 décembre 2011

People in Streets - part 2

Harajuku - Cats On Fire Street

She could already hear the cats’voices of the street. Tiny cries of young colored kitten, striped, red, yellow and pink and black, excited and jumping little cats. She could avoid the little predators by going to the streets nearby, but only for a while. She should go back and face their little claws, try to escape their callings, slip through the crowded place and finally run away, fast and fast and faster!

Maybe this therapy against agoraphobia was a little bit violent for her. She should talk to her therapist about it…


Going slow, walking slow, high on my heels, carefully moving to not disturb my pretty hair. Last time I checked myself in a window, it looked perfectly heaven. Lipstick and bright colors, dark eyes and red on nails, I must be the prettiest today. Will he see my prettiness? 


Must have of the rainy days, must have of the sunny days! Transparent or flowered, colored with black laces, black plastic handle today, white plastic handle tomorrow, dancing umbrellas in the streets, waltzing umbrellas in the night. Nothing more than a useful accessory but how could you be a Tokyoite without it?

Geek fantasy in black socks

Did they ask their parents to go to this school for its  black and yellow bag? Would it be so trendy...