Pictures, feelings and fictions from my summer trip in Japan.

lundi 31 octobre 2011

Kawaï !

I wonder why everything in Japan - almost everything - shows cute and lovely and funny creatures to figure things. Such things as different as adverts, information signs, posters, or taxis. See by yourself...

Restaurant in Kyoto. Kooot !

If anyone can tell me what this cute dog is showing to these lovely cats?
Taxis in Kyoto.

Watch out the yellow kids running in the streets!

No problem if you lose your summer hat on the subway rails, it seems there is an appropriate pincer to grab it back!

These are some of our painted wall friends, on the way back home in Nakano.

Even heart attack safety machine is cute!

Anyone would go back happily to school in a bus like this !
 "Great job you did, bear!" said the enthusiastic squirrel...

Follow the shiro neko...

mercredi 26 octobre 2011

I wish I was a gardener!

Where to begin? Tokyo, Yakushima, river, trees, temples, deities, monkeys and waves, so many things to remember and share ! I can't order all these things according to a logical or chronological way. It wouldn't be me! Themes will pop up as my mood will dictate me.

So let's start with shops!

Tiny and lovely flowers shop, which immediately make me wish I had a garden...

Can you imagine that this little shop above, pictured in Kagoshima is closed because it's sunday?! Flowers and plants are out, nicely displayed with small price tickets, and nobody cares about possible thiefs. Because there is no theft at all? This is Japan!

Same kind of flower shop, in Tokyo, with small furnitures and little plants. Just cute !

This is not a café with a welcoming terrace. Nope ! It's a nice hairdressing salon, which proposes you a menu for your haircut, so chic !

Cat street in Tokyo, shopping fever to get !

Kawai creatures everywhere ! And a lot of french names, even when it means nothing at all ( not this one, but some are really weird! ).

And once again, small and decorative plants, along a small way to a tea place... Yes, japanese people have a delightful taste to make more attractive the slightest thing.

Grand Opening !

I begin this blog today... I'll try to make it nice, funny, alive, and welcoming for all readers and blog-travellers.

Telling feelings, souvenirs and moments is not an easy thing to do.
Pictures and flying words, together assembled, may become some vivid images to share and cherish...

Sunny people in the grass...
Me and my lover in the Botanical Garden of Kobe.