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lundi 31 octobre 2011

Kawaï !

I wonder why everything in Japan - almost everything - shows cute and lovely and funny creatures to figure things. Such things as different as adverts, information signs, posters, or taxis. See by yourself...

Restaurant in Kyoto. Kooot !

If anyone can tell me what this cute dog is showing to these lovely cats?
Taxis in Kyoto.

Watch out the yellow kids running in the streets!

No problem if you lose your summer hat on the subway rails, it seems there is an appropriate pincer to grab it back!

These are some of our painted wall friends, on the way back home in Nakano.

Even heart attack safety machine is cute!

Anyone would go back happily to school in a bus like this !
 "Great job you did, bear!" said the enthusiastic squirrel...

Follow the shiro neko...

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