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mardi 17 janvier 2012


Lady Shinkansen

She was thinking of her mother and of this story written by Yoko Ogawa. A young woman went to buy shoes to her mother, trying pairs after pairs, talking and laughing with her like two student girls. Or so it seemed. Cause at the end of the story, one learnt that the mother was in a clinic, resting in her bed all day long. Her mind losing control and memory, day after day. She would never again go shopping for new shoes with her daughter. Too late for this. They could still talk and play cards, watch tv and read books, sitting side by side in the small hospital bed.

Was she elegant enough to visit her? Of course not.  She was never enough, elegant, pretty, dignified or  whatever. She had taken her finest dresses, shoes and shirts to please her, in her big suitcase. But she would probably disapprove most of them: too modern, too colored or too black… There would be always something to tell her she was not enough like her. She was too different.

She sighed. Anyway! The train was entering the station.
She straightened her head and went to face her mother for a long long week…

Shinkansen from Tokyo to Kyoto

Clever outside, clever inside, you can't lose your way, you can't lose your friends...


Eiden train in the mountains of Kyoto

And welcome to a small town called Kino !

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