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mercredi 26 septembre 2012

Heavenly River


When you go to an island, you think of beach, palm trees, white sand and blue sea, of boats and fishy markets, and small houses at the seaside. Clichés !

River. Sky. Forest.

I could have a home in this small woody paradise. 

I could write on the terrace, watching the sun rising beyond the mountains, a cup of decaffeinated coffee on the table, and a stick of incense against mosquitos. I would play with words and sounds, carving nice sentences to relate exciting stories, with heroines and great escapes, grand adventures and beautiful landscapes, horse ridings and treacherous schemes, lies and dissimulation, swords and poisons and… Oh, yes, fantasy, of course! 

Where a peasant child can become a squire, an apprentice, or a singer, then Luck and Destiny would play with him, send him to war or citadel, give him success,  betrayal and despair, force him to be better, braver, smarter, and become a human being. A true one.

Yeah, I could write something like that in a beautiful place like this. 

Or maybe I couldn’t stop staring the beauty around and would do nothing! Just have baths in the river, walks in the forest, paddle on the river, fishy meals for eating, and days would run and run, without being monday  or friday or anything with a name, just days… 



Eternal time on heavenly river.

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  1. Oh my g*d! You are so reactive! Let me some time to read it again, but i guess you're definitely the right one! I'm joking. I'm never joking. Thanx, see you around soon! Emm